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Commercial Drive-up Systems: HA1000

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Hamilton Air’s HA-1000 sets the industry standard for 4 ½” pneumatic systems when it comes to quality, reliability, flexibility and affordability. The HA-1000 makes drive-up transactions simple and quick.

Overhead and Downsend Units

The HA-1000 is ideal for simple overhead drive-up applications right next to the building along with long distance runs underground through parking lots. Hamilton Air’s optional Hurricane Blower can be added for extremely long distance projects to help speed up the transaction.

Low Maintenance

Super reliable engineering combined with all weather stainless steel exterior makes the HA-1000 low maintenance and easy to service.

New Construction and Replacing Old Equipment

It’s ideal for new construction and replacement projects. The HA-1000 can even replace old 4 inch systems and extra deep old downsend units as well.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple as there are no blower packs to be installed in the canopy or remote location. Our patented PowerStar Air Turbine is located in each customer terminal unit.

Audio and Video Options

The HA-1000 comes with Hamilton Air’s superb 5500 Series full duplex digital Audio System. We also offer optional one-way and two-way LCD video systems.

Teller Terminal Options

The HA-1000 comes with our standard overhead teller terminals, but other options are available including double-sided and motorized units.


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